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I am an instructor, mentor, and diversity and inclusion professional with family, friends, and professors who have lovingly invested in me. It is my greatest pleasure to work with people whether helping them reach their goals, teaching them various skills connected to critical thinking, reading, and writing, or better understanding their lived experiences. My educational experience from Tuskegee University, Auburn University, and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign prepared me for my professional journey.


Working with people is my passion, and I have spent over sixteen years teaching, mentoring, and collaborating with students, colleagues, and administrators with diverse backgrounds. This career path has allowed me to be an instructor, consultant, program coordinator, and publicity representative with many opportunities to build my communication, critical thinking, research, and networking skills.


Currently, I am an Assistant Professor of English at Belmont University where I work with students as they grow in the areas of writing, reading, and critical thinking. I continue to strive to work on skills that help me do what I am committed to - working with people in higher education. That work looks like me as faculty, mentor, consultant, and/or program administrator.

Heather's Experiences

A glimpse at my different professional experiences. Click the images to learn a little more about me.

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